Integration of open hardware and open software

There are more options for integration of hardware & software then ever before, using these options, one easily come up with their prototypes.

There are plenty of options now for open hardware, to name a few are

1. Arduino- Microcontoller based boards

2. Raspberry pi- Single board computer

3. nabto- simple solution for connectivity to devices

Open software is already in play for many years now, and now open software is also available that could be used with above hardware, to name a few are

1. Processing- Electronic sketchbook for developing ideas

2. Reprap- general-purpose 3D printer with the ability to make copies of most of its own structural parts

Then are certain tools are available that could be used for medical applications, one such example is

OpenEye-Open source, open harware for real time tracking

At QS, Amsterdam we are going to demonstrate this in action, how open harware and open software could be used for medical applications. Catch us there, link